Bright Future Contracting Company Ltd –BFCC is an engineering company which operates in Rwanda Countrywide. It is an official registered private company in Rwanda Development Board-RDB since 28th April, 2015.
The idea started in 2012 with a short course training center and continued in engineering working activities. Eng. Jean Claude MANIRAFASHA, The CEO and Founder of Bright Future Contracting Company Ltd has a very long-term Vision and Mission Towards a brighter future of the Company.

Eng. Jean Claude MANIRAFASHA is an Electrical Engineer, He owned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering started at Kigali Institute of Science and Technology-KIST and ended his degree courses at UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA – College of Science and Technology Graduated on 28th July, 2015. He has also a technical background in High school TVET.

At the beginning, Eng. Jean Claude MANIRAFASHA was a fulltime student at Kigali institute of science and technology in electrical engineering. He was a good student with his goals and target. Some of them was to have a short course training center so that the people will know the best of technical skills and provide their needs. During his studies, he always wish to have a training center but he had no idea of how to start. by the chance he got a job near the college of being a teacher at ETM1 (Ecole Technique Muhazi1) given by Emmanuel MUYANGO(ETM1 Headmaster). He was a teacher of technical courses like Electricity theory and practice, Technical drawing, Benchwork and Metrology, Knowledge of Materials and C-Programming. After a year, in 2013 he requested two classrooms at ETM for Everning short courses. At this time his aim was to provide technical skills to people and search relative activities for them to provide their needs as he wished before, it was his first step, and he named this short course center as Bright Future Training Center. This name was derived from KIST Motto (Towards a Brighter Future) He started with few students and time by time, the number was increased. As a challenge, he was a fulltime student and full time teacher, which was not easy to him to manage, but he tried to his maximum level and he succeeded.

In 2015, Bright Future Training Center becomes Bright Future Vocational Training Center. He had about 20 students where each pay 75000rwf / per 3 months and 7 staff at Kigali, Gitega Sector.
The company become registered as Bright Future Contracting Company Ltd in Rwanda Development Board (RDB) on 28th April, 2015 and was located at Nyarugenge, Gitega sector.
In 2016, The Company went down due to financial crisis from the lack of student and job opportunities. The CEO decided to leave the city and went to the village; he went to Nyakariro Sector, Rugende village, Rwamagana District. At that time, he was seeking for any job to live. Few months later, he found a place where to put office of BFCC Ltd. by the chance he met with Phocas TWIZEYIMANA, the owner of Indakemwa cooking stove project and made partnership of selling his product, where he was in charge of advertising his products, marketing and Selling. In 2017, He went to Karenge sector, Rwamagana District (His birthplace) by the call of an entrepreneur Antoine TWAGIRAYESU who was in charge of Rehabilitation works at Karenge Adventist Secondary School (KASS) previously named ASPESKA, He appoints me as Electrician. At the end of installation he had news about the courses would be carried out in the School that electrical modules will be one of the courses, he found a way of meeting the Head master Pheneas HABYARIMANA by the aim of requesting him a permanent job, at this time the news was not good because the teacher’s places was full covered. After knowing that situation, he decided to request for being a Patron for the students. And after approving his request, he started working there. Even if he was a Patron, he was paid as an electrical engineer where he gained 201,147Frw per month. This was a surprise! At that time, he thought how he can rebuild his company and he finally decided to open a Bright Future Hardware Shop (Quincaillerie). In 2018, He opened a Bright Future Hardware Shop at Karenge sector and started to find clients everywhere, including the school where he was a staff. After a year, he shifted from being a patron to a part time teacher of electronic and basic electrical installation module, in order to approach his goal in BFCC and also making a strong follow up of the shop.

In 2019, Bright Future Contracting Company Ltd got a contract of installing a Commercial building of 4 floors by 1,200,000 Frw at MUSANZE from Jean Damascene NIBISHAKA. This was a success story of the company and a great achievement that expanded BFCC. During that works, he developed a technological project called SMART IRRIGATED AKARIMA derived from his final year project at UNIVERSITY. After implementing a Smart Irrigated Akarima project, he decided to attend the YOUTH CONNEKT Competition YCA2019 after YCA2018 failed. He started in Karenge sector and he passed, he continued in Rwamagana District and he passed he continued in Eastern province, he passed and reached the final stage as one of the best Top 14 projects in Agri-business and awarded 500,000 Rwf

In June 2019, He becomes one of the Top 50 Young Entrepreneurs that have been selected for Youth Connekt Innovators Caravan. Trip to Nairobi-KENYA This was also another expansion and Connection created.

In 2020, after those Challenges and Opportunities that BFCC’s CEO has been passed through like doing everything alone, he decided to search partners so that they can work as a team to achieve more and move forward towards a brighter future. Moving Business Online

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Bright Future Contracting Company Ltd decided to develop a website and systems attached on the web. That is a full professional web hosted on www.brightfuture.co.rw with online internship application named Africa Digital Internship Linkage, Brighton Online College and Brighton Online Commerce. Bright Future Contracting Company Ltd (BFCC) was incorporated to have attention to:
Increasing investment in development of Skills in Technical studies by searching internships for students and teaching online in timely and cost efficient manner to increase the number of skilled technicians in our country and to reduce the number of jobless especially in youth and have partnership with different technical companies so that they can give internships to student for having experience.
Providing good services to our customers. Right there on time by Brighton Online Commerce